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Anita is a co-Founder of The Empathy Surplus Project, a member of the UN Global Compact.  We support the UN Sustainable Goals.  We believe that the new metric of wealth for all people on earth should be clean, sustainable  energy availability for food, housing and transportation. 

Cities Of The Future Are Being Designed Now

We support the work of terra-forming to re-green the desert and to create clean, healthy, sustainable habitats.  Based in Ohio, with an office in Riyadh, I AM CLEAN ENERGY will serve as your agent between the USA and  the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to help you win contracts.                                                                                              Diorama of Masdar City

 Hello. I am Anita Lewis, President of I AM CLEAN ENERGY. We believe that patterns and types of energy production and consumption can change over to increased efficiency while maintaining and enhancing the quality of life for all people on Earth. Moving toward a green economy will decrease pollutants in the air, water and soil. The environment will be cleaner and the food supply will be healthier. We support the ideals of the United Nations Global Compact for ethical business practices and the UN principles working for human rights, decent labor standards, protecting the environment and fighting corruption. We focus on practical solutions using simple to advanced technologies we believe are the key to a better future for everyone. With this in mind, I identify three problems:   1. Increased demand for energy due to ever growing population on Earth   2. Decreased capacity to fill needs through carbon-based fuels alone, and 3. Climate change due to excess carbon and methane in the atmosphere. Goals will have to include changes in energy production to make it cleaner and more efficient. Cleaner—by using alternatives such as wind and solar which will help slow the effects of climate change, and also will result in improvements for everyone’s health through cleaner air, water and soil. And, More Efficient—by using alternative fuels in new construction and retrofitting existing facilities to meet cleaner standards. These cleaner standards must incorporate performance-based planning and programming. That is, we identify the best answer for a problem and then work backwards to fill in the missing steps along the way. We identify who are already doing good work on a particular problem and lend them our support. Caring Citizens Are The Solution! 

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